I’m 20!


WOW. My birthday this year was truly unforgettable. I have never felt so loved. Endless surprises and celebrations filled my day. Right away in the morning, I came home to flowers and a (napkin) card from my bestie/roommate Bergen. The flowers were my favorite colors and her napkin card made me laugh, it was the best way to start my day. All my besties planned a PJ breakfast to start the celebrations early! Syd and Liza made yummy pancakes and we giggled with our coffees. I feel so blessed, the gifts I received from these girls were SO special, and the gifts weren’t just the physical gifts but also their kind words and sweet actions on that day (and everyday). I LOVE all of you girls. 

After breakfast, I headed right to lunch with my family! We ate at one of my favorite restaurants Public in St. Paul (I fell in love with it at my bestie Betsy’s bday). If you know me you know I LOVE flowers, my mom owns a flower business so naturally I am in LOVE with all types of flowers! My mom made me a beautiful arrangement (also, in my favorite colors) that made me beam as I walked in the door. My lunch with my mom, dad, Zack, and Barret was full of laughs, I am so thankful that I am close enough to home to be able to spend my birthday with friends and family!

I wasn’t kidding when I said this day was FILLED with fun and love. After lunch, I started getting ready for my big birthday date with Zack! His gift to me was this BEAUTIFUL dress from one of my fave boutiques: PRIMP. I will link it down below. Oh and of course he got me a bouquet of flowers as well, how lucky am I? Zack has always been one to surprise me, he will never tell me where we are going to eat, or he will show up with little surprises all the time. My whole life I have figured out every surprise, until I met Zack. So I got dressed up and to my surprise we pulled up to my FAVORITE restaurant: Pazzaluna in downtown St. Paul. It was so yummy, and the restaurant gave me a birthday gift: a $25 gift certificate and free valet for my next visit. They also treated me to tiramisu for dessert! WOW. It was perfect, thanks Z 🙂

Heading home, I felt happy and loved. My day could not have been any better. I was sure the day would be done. However, my friends and Zack had other plans. I came home to a house full of my best friends, decorations, and more cake. I was SO surprised. How can someone feel so loved? I didn’t think it was possible. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my day so special. All texts, calls, Facebook posts, snapchats, and in-person love were SO appreciated. Thank you to my besties, family, and my amazing boyfriend for making 20 the best yet!





IMG_7132IMG_7133Bergen’s amazing napkin card

IMG_7134IMG_7135WOW. My friends are amazing.

IMG_7136Betsy, I love you.

IMG_7146The Flower Girls MN  My mom does weddings, prom and much more!IMG_7184love you Z!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetmy gorgeous bday dress

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